If you’re looking for an estate agent this one simple trick will get you more viewings, offers and sold faster.

Luxury home? make sure you have aerial photography on your shortlist of questions about what to look for when choosing an estate agent.

How to sell your house quickly.

Are your estate agents keeping up with current trends? There is a wide disparity between figures but estate agents say homes sell 40-68% faster when the listing contains aerial photos. A quick search of one of the UK’s leading estate agents demonstrates the value of this as the vast majority of their listings of luxury homes contain aerial photography.

Aerial photography “creates an emotional response that not only prompts buyers to arrange viewings, but generates more offers and ultimately drive sales”


They go on to say

It is not only grand farms and estates which benefit from drone photography: elevated footage on small, single-acre properties can reveal qualities which otherwise just wouldn’t have been evident.


If you own a luxury home you really don’t want to be inconvenienced by window shoppers and the curious. The inconvenience of having relentless showings of your home can be frustrating.

Consider this when your estate agent offers a virtual tour of your property, you will reduce the number of viewings from the curious and increase the number of viewings of serious buyers.

The things we do to sell our homes

It’s well over 18 years since I last sold my home (and I don’t have any intention of moving ever again), I recall when I sold my home some of the advice given by our estate agents to get our home “ale-ready. Getting professionals in to do the work obviously had cost implications but we did it to get the best possible price for our home.

Drone photography, “caught the eye of national and international press. The exposure led to multiple bids and the successful offer was received within six weeks. Meanwhile, stunning imagery was used for a picture perfect cottage on the banks of Loch Lomond, which ultimately sold for 76 per cent above the guide price”  


You may consider commissioning drone photography privately that way if you do need to change estate agents or have your property with more than one agent, you can supply both with the images.

The same could be true of a VR tour of your home, your agent could simply include a link to the tour in the listing.  

Example VR Tour

View 360° tour full screen

Best Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Best Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Back in 2016 I wrote this blog post asking the question Should I buy disposable cameras for my wedding reception. In this post I suggested that the Bluetooth selfie stick was just too much of a faff and noted the frustration of many users that had them a gift the Christmas before.

Well this blog post is a follow on from that two years later with an updated recommendation…

Best Bluetooth selfie stick for your wedding reception

I have over the years purchased many selfie sticks not for taking selfies as such but for getting cameras into positions I would not be able to normally with minimum fuss. I have paid between £1-£20 for these and after much research I have come up with my number one Bluetooth selfie stick.

Earlier this year (Jan 19) I needed to replace my Bluetooth selfie stick after trying many Bluetooth selfie sticks…

My favourite Bluetooth selfie stick is…

Benro BK10 Mini Tripod and Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Images © Benro

So why do I like this Bluetooth selfie stick, the 1st and most important reason for this recommendation is that compared to many of the other selfie sticks I’ve used connecting to Bluetooth really is very simple and works flawlessly especially when reconnecting another mobile it just simply works and takes out all the faff.

But there are more reasons for this recommendation, this selfie stick also has a fold out handle that will allow it to act as a tripod (not in wind, you’ve been warned) great for when you want to take a selfie of larger groups.

The handle is also much larger than many other selfie sticks that will allow you to get a firmer grip to get clearer selfies in darker situations (as you can get a firmer grip you’ll have less movement of the phone/camera).

Another reason this is the number one in my opinion is, that it will take a decent load and you’re not left worrying if it will break when you use it (specs below are from the manufacturers website) Add to the above ….

  • It has a great reach
  • Its light weight
  • The remote is rechargeable off USB
  • Its great for getting invisible tripod shots when using a pocket 360° camera.

Finally this Bluetooth selfie stick is not the most expensive I bought at time of purchase this was £15.99. This was purchased from Amazon click here to view current pricing


MAXIMUM LOAD 2.2 lb (1 kg)
MINIMUM HEIGHT 7.1 in (18 cm)
MAXIMUM HEIGHT 41.3 in (91 cm)
FOLDED LENGTH 8.8 in (19.5 cm)
WEIGHT 0.6 lb (0.3 kg)

Disclosure, links in this blog post to Amazon are affiliate links, images on this page are © Benro and my version of this is red in colour.

4K, 8K and 13K+ 360 image examples

4K, 8K and 13K+ 360 image examples

If you’ve bought a new TV or are thinking about buying one you’ll undoubtedly of heard the term 4K or the shiny new 8K.

So what does this have to do with 360° images? Well there is a lot of confusion around this, 4K looks great on a TV but is a bit amateurish when it comes to a 360° image, why is this?

If we take a 4K spherical 360° image and flatten it it looks like this.

The above image was captured using a Ricoh Theta V, these are great cameras for quick and easy 360° capture and for fun family 360° videos they are quick and easy to use. But, when it come to showing off your property or business these really don’t cut the mustard! here’s why.


On the below image the section highlighted is what you would expect to view as you move around a 360° image in a VR Tour, however because you’re only seeing a small part of the overall 4K image your not seeing 4K all the way around. The section highlighted is only 1080p (or old school HD).

Below is an example of the same scene captured in 4K (with our pocket camera), 8K with our default professional camera (for Google Business View and Street View images) and 13K+ captured with a traditional digital camera (that’s used for High end VR Tours).

See for yourself the massive difference between the quality of the images.

Open examples full screen

Check out these pages if you are looking for a VR Tour, Google See Inside (to show your customers inside your shop) or Google Street View (to update the images from the road)

Pennaf housing group commission 360° tours

Pennaf housing group commission 360° tours

Virtual home tours

360° virtual reality tours are the closest thing to exploring a new home without leaving your existing one, and for those with mobility problems I guess it makes looking for your new home a lot less daunting.

Property virtual tour

We’ve been providing 360° virtual reality tours for many clients and it’s one of these tours that Pennaf housing group found when looking for a solution to a problem, how do you show a home in a way that’s immersive and lets your potential customer really get a feel for the place when that home is still under development and not easily accessible?

Steve Robinson is the Extra Care Services Manager for the Pennaf Housing Group which is currently developing the three new schemes in North Wales: Hafan Cefni in Llangefni, Llys Raddinton in Flint and Maes y Dderwen in Wrexham.

Steve said “The 360 virtual reality tours allow a greater number of people to experience the show apartments at our three new extra care housing schemes and see for themselves what a brilliant housing opportunity they provide for those aged 60 or over. It has worked especially well while the schemes are under construction as we have limited access to the show apartments. It’s great that people can now make a virtual visit in the comfort of their own home 24/7.”

View 360° tour full screen

The 360° tours have been designed with a desktop computer or tablet user in mind and are embedded seamlessly into the Pennaf website similar to the example above, however for that fully immersive experience they also work in VR mode in a virtual reality headset.

Now the project is complete Steve says “Antony Woodhouse Photography have done a really professional job, it’s the perfect way to help people visualise what their new home with could look like. Allocations are going well at each of the schemes so now’s the time to apply or get in touch if anyone wants to find out more – contact details are on each of the virtual tours.”

Virtual tour photographer views

Having completed the job I think these appartments are fantastic, having grown up with and cared for my father who had MS it’s great to see the thought that has gone into these homes, they haven’t skimped on space and the wet rooms are incredible. What also struck me was how close they are to local amenities. Check out Pennaf’s website for details of these homes and if you’re looking for help with your project and would like a 360° VR tour please contact us.

Links to tours

Llys Raddinton, Flint


Maes y Dderwen, Wrexham


Hafan Cefni, Llangefni


Links to tours in VR mode

Llys Raddington, Flint (VR)

Maes y Dderwen in Wrexham (VR)

Hafan Cefni in Llangefni (VR)

Should you buy disposable cameras for your wedding reception?

Should you buy disposable cameras for your wedding reception?

Are disposable cameras at a wedding a good idea?

Disposable camera at wedding reception

The short answer is yes & no! If you visit a website selling disposable wedding cameras you may read statements like disposable cameras are “a picture- perfect way to capture all your special moments on film” and “complement your wedding reception”. However other websites will use statements like not being “held responsible for any poor quality results”. I can see the attraction, they are inexpensive and they add a bit of fun, simply pop them on the table, anyone can use them, then collect at the end of your reception, so is it a yay or a nay?

Keep reading →

Anglesey, Menai & Britannia Bridges ultra high resolution panoramic photo

Anglesey, Menai & Britannia Bridges ultra high resolution panoramic photo

I love Anglesey but, having visited the island many times each year I’ve never really taken the time to photograph it, sure we have the usual family photos but I’ve never made time to capture anything worth posting. Well on a recent visit I decided I would spend a day out to capture both Menai Bridge and The Britannia Bridge in one massive photo (it is something I have wanted to do for a while) I’ve passed this viewpoint countless times before and if I’m on my own I always stop for a few minutes to take in this stunning vista. Keep reading →

Proposal Photography

Proposal Photography

Proposal Photography

Every couples’ marriage proposal will be unique and memorable, a story they will share for a lifetime. When Jeremiah and Amanda tell of their proposal they won’t have to paint a picture, they’ll be able to show their moment with these gorgeous photos recently captured by Anthony Woodhouse Photography. Keep reading →

How to photograph a stunning seascape

How to photograph a stunning seascape

Photographing a seascape

A few weeks ago I was commissioned to capture some images for a commercial client on the island of Anglesey in North Wales. After what was a successful day of capturing a wide brief of scenes on the island I finished off in the small seaside town of Beaumaris. After playing  at being a tourist for a while, eating a bag of fish and chips while fighting off the seagulls I headed for Pen Mon, a short drive away. As sundown loomed I reflected on the countless images I’d seen of this location on social media but despite being a regular visitor to Anglesey I had never photographed it before. Keep reading →